“Attorney Redmond showed those people my son was a robbery victim, not a robber himself. The police tried to say it was his gun. But Attorney Redmond convinced the jury that my son had the gun because he took it from the man who was trying to rob him! We can’t thank you enough.”

– defendants Mom

Charged with carrying a firearm.

“Attorney Redmond got my case dismissed. My whole family loves her! I had run from the cops because I was scared of them. When they found me, I had a folding knife sitting next to me. Attorney Redmond got the case dismissed.”

– John Doe

Charged with possession of a dangerous weapon.

“Because….she’s a real bear in court!”

– Defendant’s Witness

“I was so scared when the police arrested me for something my boyfriend did. Attorney Redmond was right there with me all the way. She got a lot of the evidence against me thrown out, so they couldn’t use it against me. I thank her so much.”

– Jane Doe

Charged with larceny and insurance fraud.

“My sister and I were charged with fighting each other, with a knife. I didn’t want to hurt her. And I know she didn’t really want to hurt me. We just get frustrated with each other at times. Attorney Redmond understood what we were going through. She got our cases taken off the criminal list and put over to the mediation list. So we got the counseling help we need. Attorney Redmond is a really good lawyer. She cares about people.”

– Sister Cross Defendants

Charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon