Recent Cases

Verdict – NOT Guilty

John Doe was charged with a number of Gun Possession charges, including firing a gun within 500 feet of a building.  At trial, Attorney Redmond’s cross examination of the police officers got each one of them to admit that John Doe’s behavior, in all respects, was inconsistent with their experience with people who have committed gun crimes.  She also got each one of the police officers to admit there were dozens of people fleeing the scene who were not interviewed or identified by the police, and that any one of those people could have been the shooter.  John Doe was acquitted on all charges. 

CASH Settlement

Jane Doe alleged co-workers and a supervisor were creating a hostile workplace, engaging in disparate treatment, and indulging in sexual and gender based harassment.  Attorney Redmond, along with co-counsel, negotiated a settlement that allowed Doe to keep her job, her benefits, and receive a very large cash settlement. 

Case Dismissed

John Doe was charged with Carrying a Dangerous Weapon, to wit, a Knife.  After reviewing the police report and the applicable law, Attorney Redmond noted that the Clerk Magistrate had made a mistake issuing the criminal complaint.  There was insufficient evidence to support the assertion that John Doe was actually armed with the knife, it was merely near him.  She filed and successfully litigated a motion to dismiss.

Case Dismissed

Jane Doe was charged with a driving infraction that could have resulted in a loss of her license for a number of years.  Attorney Redmond conducted an extensive investigation including subpoenaing documents from various government agencies, and going over the citation itself with a fine tooth comb.  At the appeal hearing, Attorney Redmond’s representation won the day and the charges were dismissed.

Case Dismissed

John Doe was charged with several Larceny crimes.  The prosecutor’s case was based on Mr. Doe’s DNA on a discarded piece of clothing at the scene.  At trial, Attorney Redmond successfully litigated a Motion to Dismiss due to the prosecutor’s failure to fulfill their duty to provide all the evidence to defense counsel before trial. 

Case Dismissed

John Doe was charged with various Drug Crimes stemming from his driving someone else’s car.  Attorney Redmond litigated a motion to suppress the police search of the car, based on the police going beyond the constitutional limits they must obey.  The judge agreed and all charges were dismissed.

Case Negotiated – LESS time

Jane Doe was charged with Shoplifting, Resisting Arrest, and multiple counts of Assault & Battery on a Police Officer.  After conducting a thorough investigation, which included having Jane Doe evaluated by a forensic psychologist, Attorney Redmond negotiated a plea which gave Doe a short sentence and allowed Doe’s sentence to be nunc pro tunc (“now for then”) back to the day of arrest.  This shaved off one third of the total one year sentence.